I graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in nutrition. I was immediately drawn towards writing and began crafting a diverse range of health and nutrition themed articles for a local publication and sharing them with the Brisbane community. Today, I create a variety of journalistic styled stories, along with travel and health based articles, for an array of Australia-wide publications. 

When I haven’t got my head in a laptop, I enjoy travelling and setting off on new adventures. In the past 2 years, I have visited the United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand and Hawaii – Japan being my top destination. Documenting and sharing my travel experiences through writing and photography is a hunger of mine as I hope to spark wanderlust within other like-minded individuals.

What I Can Do For You


I am eager to expand my reach and work with some new, inspiring people. With experience writing for a variety of different audiences, across a range of topics, I can confidently create captivating pieces to attract the attention of readers.
I regularly put together health articles, travel and destination themed pieces and feature stories across diverse backgrounds. I also offer ghost writing services.
I am well known for my punctuation when it comes to deadlines and the great quality of work I can produce in a short time frame.
Your requirements will be put first to ensure we both can come together and create something that we can both proud of.


You can dedicate an endless amount of time to writing a new piece, although just because it makes sense in your mind doesn’t mean it will always make sense to others. We can easily become trapped within our own minds, which can be frustrating.
I can offer a fresh set of eyes to read over any pieces to ensure grammar is correct and the piece flows well.
Nothing diverts reader’s attention more than a simple spelling error or a poorly formed sentence. The services I offer can prevent this outcome from arising.

Product Photography

I can highlight a variety of goods in different settings to ultimately deeper connect businesses with their audiences and spark life into their products. I own a range of props, so I am able to put together small sets specifically orchestrated to bring out the tone you’d like associated with your product.
I own all of necessary equipment, such as a DSLR camera, variety of lenses to suit different situations and photo editing programs to make the shots truly spark.
Get in touch to see if I can help you and your business with any product photography needs.
Along with product photography, I regularly showcase spectacular destinations through landscape photography. Check out my Instagram for a few of my shots.

Interview Transcription

Definitely not a highlight when it comes to writing a new story; transcribing an interview can be a draining and time consuming endeavour. When you are up to your neck in work, writing out an interview may be the last thing you have time for, and rushing through the job can cause quotes to become jumbled. Nothing distracts a reader more than a spelling mistake or grammatical error.
Through numerous interviews and practice, I have developed a keen ear for detail. I am able to transcribe an interview in a swift and accurate manner to suit your deadlines and requirements. Get in contact to see how I can help you with your story.