Nine-To-Five Nomads: David & Kalina

Quickly establishing they both shared remarkably equal views, attitudes, and passions towards life, full-time traveller's David and Kalina initially met while working for a large corporation in Krakow, Poland. It wasn't until the couple took a plunge into uncertainty that their travelling dream became their reality. 

After five years of working together, they decided to give up their jobs, sell their stuff and buy a one-way ticket to south-east Asia. 

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"We've always loved traveling and we were trying to find some time to discover new places and enjoy our passion for new cultures and people. While working, it was always a challenge to get more than three weeks of holidays."

"We loved planning our trips but it seemed that the time we would spend at the location was not enough to really understand and get a deep insight into the country and culture. We wanted more, and we didn't want to wait until we retire to have plenty of time but no more energy.

"We wanted to make our dreams come true and prove ourselves that everything is possible. Make beautiful memories, feel free and document it all on our blog."

"It's been our dream for many, many years but there was always something on our way. One day we simply decided that we cannot wait for the right moment, because it will never happen. So, we just set a date and started to organize everything around it."

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Now that David and Kalina are living this travel lifestyle, they say that the freedom and self-dependence that comes with it is the most enjoyable and fulfilling aspect.

"We are always being told that you have to get a university degree, find a good, stable job and chase money until retirement. We're happy to have had a good education and good working experience. We were working hard and made the most of it. Thanks to this we were able to save enough money to make our dreams come true."

"We certainly will need to go back to work soon but the experience that we've lived will always be one of the most beautiful memories of our lives"

Although the couple describes their current way of life to be one of the most rewarding journeys they have ever experienced, it also comes with a handful of personal challenges. 

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"The first couple months we felt so blessed and didn’t really feel anything is missing. After some time though, you start to miss some laughs with our friends, hugs from the family or just a meal that doesn’t consist of rice or noodles.

"It becomes harder and harder to change the place every second day, having to organize the backpack for the 55th time, or never being able to sleep in your comfortable bed.

"If you're working at the same time you also need to self-motivate yourself and make sure you set certain deadlines to complete your goals. It can be especially difficult if you're constantly on the move. Sometimes you just need to decide to stay put and dedicate time to finish your work instead of exploring some new beautiful places." 

"Additionally, traveling for so long with your partner could be a difficult test for a relationship. Each day that passes requires more and more patience and effort to try and understand the point of view of one another. 

"We have to overcome some problems that appear on the way; the fatigue caused by the trip, feeling down due to the changing weather or different food and constantly looking for a compromise."

"But at the same time we think that it makes the relationship even stronger, you gain more respect and understanding of each other and some appreciation of the person that’s always there to share these precious moments that the journey brings and help you through in the difficult ones."

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For those interested in breaking into a full-time travel way of life, David and Kalina offer up some advice from their experience at the helm.  

"For us, the key to getting started, and this goes not only to traveling full-time but any other project that you may have is to get rid of the fear. 

"We were sure what we wanted to do, we planned it well and started to go in this direction step by step. So we started saving, quitted thinking about replacing our old car with a new one, or buying a flat, which all our friends were doing at that time.

"We stopped spending money on unnecessary things. That was actually a great discovery to realize how many of the things that you usually see necessary to have a comfortable life you can get rid of. And we believe everyone can try. 

"It could be a journey of three, six or twelve months, or more. It's just a question of planning, gathering some money (or finding someone that would be happy to sponsor your trip) and believing in yourself."

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