Like A Local: Los Angeles, California

A colourful and vibrant city, encompassing a diverse range of engaging attractions; a trip to California is simply incomplete without a visit to Los Angeles. With the exclusive opportunity to explore movie sets, pristine beaches, sweeping parklands and of course, Disneyland, expect your stay in L.A to be nothing short of action-packed!

Although the city is known for its touristy side, it's also very rich with a deeper culture that is worth exploring during your visit. Taking the time to explore and uncover this relatively unseen side of the city has the capacity to make your time in the 'City of Angles' all the more memorable.

Planning a trip to L.A anytime soon? Local wander and blogger Liz Hill has dropped some inside need-to-know knowledge!

Photo by: Liz Hill. Originally posted  here .

Photo by: Liz Hill. Originally posted here.

Liz has lived in L.A. for 20 years. She says one of her favourite aspects of living here is that each section of the city can offer a new and diverse charm. Silverlake is known to be a very trendy and hipster orientated area, whereas downtown L.A is known for tourists, museums, and great cuisine.

"It's so versatile depending on your mood," says Liz.


What is the top sight that tourists should see in L.A?

"Pasadena - there are a few beautiful waterfall hikes that aren't too touristy - Chantry Flats and Eaton Canyon."


Where are some of the best places to eat in L.A?

"Little Tokyo has the best sushi! - Sugarfish and Sushi Gen are a few of my favorites.

"Downtown L.A has really stepped it up with the rooftop restaurants - Perch, NoMad, and Broken Shaker
are great!"


Are there any must-eat foods when visiting?

"Yes, the taco trucks and hole-in-the-wall taco spots in Downtown L.A and east L.A. Very authentic Mexican food for sure!"

Photo by: Liz Hill. Originally posted  here .

Photo by: Liz Hill. Originally posted here.

Where's the best place to go for night-life in L.A?

"Downtown L.A Arts District if you want to visit a brewery or West Hollywood for partying and nightlife. Hermosa beach for a beach bar scene."


How long would you recommend someone to stay in L.A for?

"Five days - LA is small enough to get around and finish multiple activities per day. The only concern is traffic during the weekdays is hell."


What do you feel is the most important thing to know before visiting?

"Plan your trip around traffic. The public transportation isn't great here in this city. Make sure you stay at a hotel that is central."

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