Nine-To-Five Nomads: Donna Muccio

Donna Muccio has achieved the lifestyle of her dreams by combining two of her core passions: travelling the world and photography. Donna shares how she was initially able to break into this line of work, how she is able to maintain her work-travel relationship and some advice for those interested in transitioning into this lifestyle.

Donna grew up in Miami, Florida, accompanied by an early love for photography. After pursuing photography as a hobby from the age of 14, Donna was eventually able to go full-time. She finished college, took some time off to travel and uncovered that she had a desire to become a travel photographer.


"My experiences travelling after college opened my eyes to how important it is for us to step outside our comfort zones and see the world," explains Donna. "It had such a profound impact on my life and I see it as my calling to help others know that they can experiences these things too."

"I love that travel isn't my 'job' but that my job allows me the freedom to work from anywhere and see the world."

"I earn my income as a freelance photographer and work remotely which allows me the freedom to travel for 'fun'. I do wedding photography and destination weddings, as well as other types of photography - food, lifestyle, and portraits."

Although Donna loves that fact she gets to establish long-term friendships through her adventures, there are some aspects to this lifestyle that she does find challenging.

"The biggest challenge is feeling lonely at times since I don't have coworkers I can be around every day and build community with, though I am joining a co-working space in my home base of San Francisco this year and know that will help!"


For those interested in pursuing a similar work-travel lifestyle, Donna offers some firsthand advice.

"[Don't] let what society says keep you from doing the things you love because there will always be voices telling you not to take risks and to stay safe at home.

"If you never jump into the deep end, you'll miss out on what really matters in life and so many beautiful experiences along the way."

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