Nine-To-Five Nomads: Sydney Ferbrache

Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, Sydney Ferbrache was never exposed to the world of travel until she moved out for college. Driven by an urge to find new ways of seeing the world, Sydney began jetting off to new places for new and exciting experiences. As college went on she found herself in a pattern for short-term travel fixes: saving her money, flying over to another country for a couple of weeks and returning home and saving again. It wasn't until Sydney graduated that she uncovered the beauty of the van-life through social media.

Immediately drawn to this way of life, Sydney began taking her first steps towards her travel-work goals.

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"I learnt a little about building a website in college, but not very much," explains Sydney. "I started reading everything I could and signed up for a few programs to learn as much as possible on how to earn money with it."

"It took a while but I built my own website while working a ton of hours at a restaurant in Chicago. It was really hard work but eventually I had enough money to put down on the van and begin my build."

"Once the van build was done and I could hit the road. I had been able to generate some money from my website but not enough to live on. That's when I realized I could help other people create their blogs and business websites so I began doing that which allowed me to put gas in the tank, food on the table, and hit the road!"

"My website generates about half of my income. The other portion is from creating websites and blogs for other people and teaching them how to monetize it as well. You can certainly make a full income from your website but it does take time. I'm still building to that."


Sydney explains the freedom this way of life provides is the most rewarding element for her.

"You can be at the beach one day and the desert the next. There's also a lot of pleasure in taking things slowly and staying in one city for a while if you really love it. You can take everything at your own pace when you live on the road."

"This lifestyle isn't for everyone but I think it just fits perfectly with the type of person I am."

"I have never liked staying in one place for too long and the more I traveled, the more I realized this. Flying across the world and staying in hotels is way too expensive to do long- term."

If anyone is wishing to achieve a van-life based work-travel lifestyle, Sydney says to find your passion, figure out how to monetize it and establish a strong work ethic.


"I have always loved writing so it was really natural for me to create a blog where I could share my life through writing. Others enjoy making videos so they make their living off YouTube. If you love something that can be done remotely, just try it."

"I think the work intimidates people. [For example] someone with no website design experience could never have a website of their own and make an actual living from it...but that's not true. If you're dedicated to it and want it bad enough, you will make it happen."

"For anyone that enjoys moving a lot and seeing new places often, this lifestyle is perfect."

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