Top 5 Spots To See In South-East Queensland, Australia

South-East Queensland carries an array of beautiful scenes and engaging activities, continuously attracting various travellers from all corners of the globe. Ranging from busy cities and colourful parks to lush forestry and perfect beaches, here are the top five spots to check out when visiting South-East Queensland.



Queen Street – Brisbane City

The bustling hub of Brisbane, the Queen Street Mall is the perfect spot to shop in Brisbane city. The long strip contains a vast variety of big brand shops to enjoy, along with a variety of delightful restaurants scattered in-between. Spend the morning in Queen Street, grab a delicious breakfast, listen to the buskers and pick up a few souvenirs. The strip is also within walking distance of another popular destination of Brisbane, Southbank.


Southbank – Brisbane City

Only a 15-minute walk from the Queen Street Mall, Southbank is a beautiful spot to admire the cityscape of Brisbane. This entertaining area contains a range of gems to delight and enjoy. Southbank is home to numerous restaurants, swimming holes, colourful gardens, captivating museums and art galleries. The area lights up amongst the late afternoon and evenings of weekends with countless visitors meandering among the south-bank markets. Wander alongside the bank of the river, and enjoy this tranquil side of Brisbane.


Gold Coast Hinterlands

Another buzzing city within South-East Queensland, The Gold Coast is a vastly popular destination among locals and tourists, with an endless stream of events and attractions. The city holds a mixture of big brand shops, charming restaurants, adventurous outings, immaculate beaches and amusing activities. Although, when visiting, be sure to take the time to venture into the Gold Coast Hinterlands. The area contains lush national parks to trek among, towering lookouts, serene waterfalls, and secluded eateries. The Gold Coast
Hinterlands are must see location when visiting.


Mount Cootha Lookout

Take a step back and view the beauty of Brisbane from afar. The Mount Cootha lookout is acclaimed for providing guests with sweeping views of the city and its surrounding suburbs. The lookout can simply be reached by car, or for those seeking adventure, travellers can hike through a colourful eucalyptus forest to the peak. Visitors can also enjoy a meal with a view from one of the cafes or restaurants available. The Mount Cootha lookout is very popular at night, providing picturesque views of the stars overlooking the vibrant city of Brisbane.


North Stradbroke Island

A destination that encapsulates both adventure and relaxation; among Brisbane locals, Stradbroke Island is known to be the tropical paradise on the city’s doorstep. The northern region of the island is buzzing with plenty of different things to see and do. Walk through lush, diverse greenery to crystal lakes, hike above powerful waves, relax upon secluded, pristine beaches or float above tea tree soaked water. The island is also home to a rich history and culture that can also be explored. Stradbroke Island is the second largest sand island in the world and is a scenic gem of Queensland.